Training Catalogues and Presentations

Welcome to the VSHC Training Power Points, Sample OSHA Programs, and Training Catalogues page.

Here you will find examples of programs and trainings provided as a member benefit.  Be aware that these programs are generic and do not substitute for site specific training as required by VOSHA, OSHA or your state’s Environmental Agencies.

Before you go further, please read the following disclaimer:

Sample safety forms, programs, training packages, links, and other resources provided on or through the Vermont Safety & Health Council do not imply endorsement by the the Vermont Safety & Health Council. These materials are meant for informational purposes only. No representation is made as to the thoroughness or applicability in any particular situation. It is the responsibility of the employer and its employees to comply with all pertinent VOSHA rules and other regulations in the jurisdiction in which they work.     

VSHC Global Harmonization Customizable Presentation
Guide to GHS
Hot Weather and Health PPT
Exertional Heat Stroke and Heat Related Illness
VOSHA Penalty Increases Explained
2018 VOSHA Penalty Adjustments Explained
Plattsburgh Camber of Commerce S & H Training Catalogue
2018 National Safety Council of Northern New England Training Catalogue